Guest information folder

General information

  • Regular check-out is before 10am, check-in is from 4pm.
  • Our caretakers Joe and/or Elijah are usually on the property daily between 8am and 5pm and are happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding the property.
  • The property manager Herbert is available daily via phone/WhatsApp or email: +501 607-7970 or
  • We provide you with toilet paper, kitchen paper, soaps, shampoo/conditioner, coffee, coffee filters, creamer, tea, dish washing liquid, detergent, etc. to get you started. However, please note that this is a self-contained vacation home and you are supposed to provide everything that you need yourself. The local stores are well stocked and carry all necessary items.



We do have a security guard on the property daily during the night and our caretakers are around during the day. However please use common sense and lock the condo when you leave. Don’t leave valuables unattended on the dock, at the pool or on the veranda. Keep windows closed when it´s raining or when leaving home, otherwise it might get wet inside.


Please do not smoke in the condo.

The apartment is equipped with a fire extinguisher (located at the entrance door) and smoke detectors. If you can´t handle the fire, leave the apartment immediately and contact us and /or the fire department. A fire extinguisher is also located in the staircase in each building. Our staff is trained in handling fire. An evacuation and emergency plan is attached.


The apartments have 2 exits which are marked. A flash light and emergency light are available to you.

First Aid Kit:

A fully stacked first aid kit is available in the office. Please ask staff.

Hurricane, Earth quake and other disasters:

Please read the emergency plan carefully.



Please put your trash into plastic bags, tie them up and dispose it in the trash bins located in front of the building and always put the cover back on the trash bin. The garbage pickup is Tuesdays and Saturdays.


We recycle glass and hard plastic (no plastic wrap, shopping bags). The recycling bins are located next to the bike stand at the parking area. Empty and wash recycling items before disposing them.


You can drink tap water as well as the water from the fridge. We have public water which is of good quality and we additionally filter it. However please use it conservatively, as the source is an aquifer that sustains the whole peninsula and it is a limited resource.


We want that you feel comfortable at The Villas at Cocoplum, however we recommend to turn ACs not to the maximum especially if you are out for the whole day, and to conserve energy. It makes it also easier to acclimatize yourself.

The hot water is provided by an electric water heater above the washer/dryer. There is a switch next to the washer dryer combo which needs to be on!

We do get power outages and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.


You can dispose toilet paper in the toilet. Please do not dispose any other garbage, sanitary pads, tampons, baby wipes, condoms etc. in the toilet as this will create troubles, blockings, etc. for our sewage treatment system.


We do not provide a cleaning service. Please use the cleaning agents and cleaning utensils made available to you. We can also arrange a cleaning service if desired at additional charge.


There is a dryer and washing combo in your unit which is free of charge for your use.

Iron and iron board:

An iron and iron board are available free of charge. Please ask staff.

Health tips


To keep them from annoying you in the apartment keep the door closed, especially during dusk and dawn, keep the apartment clean etc. We do spray sometimes if the biting insects get out of hand, but we are trying to keep spraying poison to a minimum. We encourage to use OFF spray for your personal protection against mosquitoes especially if you do tours to the jungle.


You can find over the counter drugs in every supermarket. There is one pharmacy in Seine Bight at Publics and a better stocked one in Placencia Village across from Top Value Supermarket.


There are two doctors as well as a dental clinic in Placencia. Please find the phone numbers subsequently. For more severe issues – there is the hospital in Dangriga for emergencies, but we recommend going to Belize City to one of the two private clinics.


If you or a member of your party experience any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache, loss of taste or smell, a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement, contact us immediately and do NOT leave your unit before medical assistance has arrived. Advice members of your party to remain also in the unit.



The internet is wireless: please choose the one which has the strongest signal at your location password: thevillas22

Supplier is Southern Cable Network. We get downtimes. Please notify us if the internet is not working, however if it is on SCN side we can´t do anything, but being patient. There is no internet when we do have a power outage.


You have cable TV with major US-channels. To watch TV, turn on the TV and the dibo-box (small black box). Use blue button for TV and red button for dibo-box. Use CHANNEL UP or DOWN keys to go to the next and previous channel respectively. Press EPS key to view channel list and programs.


We are sure you will love the idyllic wildlife around the Villas! A large area of the grounds is kept in its natural state to ensure habitat for local wildlife.

You can see among others Iguanas, Agoutis (Bush Rabbits), Chakalakas, and plenty of other birds on a regular basis. Dolphins and manatees can be seen off the dock.

There are, as we are in a subtropical environment, insects, spiders, scorpions and other critters as well, but usually they won´t harm you.

Local tips


Please use the shower before entering the pool. Do not use the pool with street clothes. For security reason we ask you to use plastic cups if you take drinks to the pool or hot tub. The pool is only between 3 and 4 feet deep, so no diving! We do need to maintain the pool at times, during which we have to close the pool, and we ask for your patience. Read the pool rules and supervise your children at all times.

Hot Tub:

If you want to use the hot tub, please let the caretaker or the security guard know and they will turn the heater on. Shower before use. Do not use the hot tub with street clothes.

BBQ /Grill:

There is a gas BBQ & Grill behind the palapa next to the pool. Please keep it clean for the next person to use. Dispose garbage into the bin but please bring recycling items to the recycling station. A fire extinguisher is at the BBQ station. Do not leave the BBQ unattended during use.


You can use the parking area next to the villas.


Please use common sense and keep the noise outside and at the pool area down, especially between 10pm and 7am.


The Pier is for your use and can be used by other people during daytime, however they have to respect that the lounge chairs and the bar is for the use of guests and owners of The Villas at Cocoplum only. There is a ladder for your convenience to get in and out of the water. Please do not dive of the dock, as it is not very deep. Supervise your children at all times.


Volley Ball: There is a volley ball net to the left of the pool area, please ask the caretaker for a ball.

Corn hole: please ask the caretaker for the game

We have kayaks, paddle boards and bikes available, please ask the caretaker for assistance.

Lock code is 4884


The beach along the Villas at Cocoplum is maintained by our caretaker, but please understand that sometimes, especially when it’s windy, there can be sea grass and debris washing up onshore. On another note: the beaches are public in Belize so people can walk by and so can you when you walk along the beach.


The closest super markets are 5 min North on the main road, right next to the police station in Maya Beach or 5 min South in Seine Bight. Maya Beach Hotel and Green Parrot offer a small gift shop section. In Placencia you´ll find plenty of gift shops as well as supermarkets with a larger variety.


There are two banks with ATM´s in Placencia.

Post office:

The post office is in Placencia on the left side of the main road just before the end of the road.

Gas stations:

There is one gas station in Placencia at the MnM parking and one at the Thunderbird Marina before the Placencia Airport.

Services offered

Local phone calls: free of charge (not available during Corona)

Use of washer and dryer in the apartment: free of charge

Use of bikes, kayaks, paddle boards: free of charge

Use of Volleyball court: free of charge

Use of corn hole game: free of charge

Use of pool and hot tub: free of charge

Use of BBQ station: free of charge

Eating out – Our recommendations

In walking distance of The Villas at Cocoplum:

Naia Resort Restaurants: just 5 min walk along the beach to the North, call (+501) 523-4600

Inky´s mini golf & Restaurant: just 5 min. walk to the South, on the main road.

North of The Villas

Maya Beach:

Bonefish Grill -at the Singing Sands Resort

Maya Beach Bistro -5 min North

North of Maya Beach:

Belize Ocean Club/Umaya Resort

Placencia Hotel

South of the Villas at Cocoplum:

Roberts Grove: Mexican Restaurant on the Lagoon

Laru Beya

La Dolce Vita (Italian, but no pizza!)

Placencia Beach Club

In Placencia:

Rum Fish y Vino

Omar´s Creole Grub (Fish Restaurant)

Dawns Grill and Go

Tutti Frutti Gelateria

Of course this is only a small selection, there are a plenty more restaurants in Maya Beach and on the way to/in Placencia, with local food, Italian, International, Chinese so go and discover!


North of Cocoplum:

Bowling Alley in Maya Beach

The Casino at the Placencia Hotel

South and Placencia:

Inky´s Mini Golf (in walking distance)

The Flying Pig Sports Bar

Barefoot Bar, Placencia,

Tipsy Tuna Bar, Placencia

Yoli´s, Placencia

Phone numbers

Important numbers

Emergency 911

Police Maya Beach: (+501) 634-7051

Police Placencia: (+501 )503-3142

Fire emergency: (+501) 626-0667 or (+501) 5033222

Southern Emergency Services 24/7 Ambulance: (+501) 666-2232 or (+501) 614-4357

Private Clinic 24/7 Service +Ambulance, Dr. Alexis Caballero: (+501) 622-7648

Medical Center Placencia: (+501) 503-3326, Dr. Guerra: (+501) 652-7119

Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic: (+501) 503-3736 or (+501) 633-0678

Belize Private Hospitals:

Belize Medical Associates (+501) 223-0302

Belize Health Care Partners (+501) 223-7870 or 223-7873

Usefull Numbers:


Sam (+501) 605-1649 or 623-4836

Keith (+501) 660-3590 (especially for Maya Beach)

Cornell (+501) 628-2066

O.G. (+501) 605-9119

Golf cart Rentals:

Captain Jaks (+501) 628-6447


Truly Wild Belize Phone: (+501) 615-8059 or 602-8058

Dtourz, Doyle (+501) 600-2318

Captain Jaks (+501) 628-6447

Nite Wind Tours (+501) 660-6333 or 503-3487

Ocean Motion (+501) 523-3363 or 523-3162 or 663-9150

Dive Shops

Seahorse (+501) 523-3166

Splash (+501) 523-3080 or 523-3058 or 610-0235

Go Seas (+501) 523-3033

Fishing Tours

Grayson Sierra (+501) 605-7631

Hardcore Fishing (+501) 628-3757 or 523-3612

Blue Reef Adventures (+501) 671-4308


Naia Resort (+501) 523-4600, Toll Free: +877.744.9091

Emergency plan

Medical Emergency

Assess the emergency (life threatening situations):

Southern Emergency Services 24/7 Ambulance: (+501) 666-2232 or (+501) 614-4357 – location: next to Inky´s – help is only 1 minute away.

Dr. Alexis, 24/7 Ambulance: (+501) 6227648 – location: lagoon side, 200 yards before Chabil Mar

First Aid & Pharmacy:

There is a First Aid Kit available in the office. You can find over the counter drugs in every supermarket. There is a pharmacy in Seine Bight in the Publics Store and a better one in Placencia Village (Nina Wallen (+501)5233346) on the left side before Atlantic Bank and Top Value Super Market.

Clinics and Doctors:

There are two doctors as well as a dental clinic in Placencia. Please find the phone numbers subsequently. For more severe issues- there is the hospital in Dangriga for emergencies, but we recommend going to Belize City to one of the two private clinics.

Private Clinic Dr. Alexis (24/7                      (+501) 6227648, home (+501) 523 4038

Medical Center Placencia:                            (+501)5033326 or Dr. Kevin Guerra (+501) 6527119

Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic:                              (+501) 5033736 or (501) 6330678

Belize City Private Hospitals:

Belize Medical Associates                             (+501) 2230302

Belize Health Care Partners                          (+501) 2237870 or (+501) 2237873

Meeting Point

Emergency exit of the apartment is the front door on the road side of the building.

Meeting point is in front of the building on the parking lot.


The apartment is equipped with a fire extinguisher next to the entrance door and smoke detectors. If you can´t handle the fire, leave the apartment immediately and contact Security and /or the Fire Department.

Fire emergency:                                               (+501) 6260667 (Fire Chief Kathy Anglin) or (+501) 5033222


Police Maya Beach: (+501) 6347051

Police Placencia: (+501) 5033142


Hurricane Season in Belize is June 1st to Nov 30st.

During your stay you can check which will show accurate information and warnings. We will advise on warnings and instruct on what to do.

We will advise to abort your vacation or for early evacuation to inland areas if necessary.

Official Tsunami Warning

As all of Belize coast line is a low-lying area NEMO will issue an official tsunami warning, if a tsunami is likely. The warning will estimate the tsunami’s arrival time, describe potential impacts and recommend actions to take. Current information will be broadcasted on all Belize Radio and TV stations.

As long as you have internet the most accurate information can be found on:

As the Placencia Peninsula has no official warning system it is recommended to trust Natural Warnings.

Natural Tsunami Warning are:

  • If you feel a strong or long earthquake, the ocean acts strange (e.g., it looks like a fast-rising flood or a wall of water or it drains away suddenly, showing the ocean floor like a very low tide) OR there is a loud roar coming from the ocean, a tsunami is possible and could arrive within minutes.
  • In case of an earthquake, protect yourself. Drop, cover and hold on. Be prepared for aftershocks, which happen frequently after earthquakes. Each time the earth shakes, drop, cover and hold on.
  • Do not wait for an official tsunami warning or for instructions from local officials.
  • If you are on the beach or near the water and feel an earthquake—no matter how big or how long it lasts—move quickly off the beach to high ground as soon as you can do so safely. As soon as you can move safely, move quickly to the 3rd floor. The building is sturdy and high enough to protect you.
  • When you are in a safe place, get more information about the threat and what to do from local radio or television. Limit no emergency phone calls to keep the lines open for emergency communications.
  • If there is earthquake damage, avoid fallen power lines and stay away from buildings, bridges and piers because heavy objects may fall from them during an aftershock.
  • Stay out of the tsunami hazard or evacuation zone until you find out from a reliable source that it is safe. The first wave may not be the last or the largest and the danger may last for hours or days.

Note: Do not try to get inland. As it takes at least 30 min to get far enough inland and the road could be destroyed, you are more likely to be in danger on the low laying road than if you stay at the Villas.

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