Getting Around

Public Transport:

Private Transport:

  • Private Shuttles:

​There are a couple of companies.

We recommend , another one is . The shuttle needs to be pre-booked. The companies offer online bookings.

As a private shuttle we recommend . Jason is great and can be reached via email:

As an alternative, we recommend​

  • Taxis

Sam or Lyra (+501) 605-1649 or 623-4836

Keith (+501) 660-3590

Nestor +501 651-2099 / 620-0310

Cameron +501 668-7863

  • Car rental:

If you want to rent a car in Placencia, we recommend

Leo´s Car Rental or

Destiny Car Rental

  • Rental Golf Cart rental:

Captain Jaks,

Leo´s Car Rental or

Green Parrot

  • Scooter Rentals:

Sunshine Rentals Belize or

Leo´s Car Rental

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